Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This surprises even me.....

So yesterday, Apple had it's big notebook event. I'm a big mac geek. I love shit like that. The music event they had in September got me so excited.

Last night I watched the notebook keynote and aside from  few things, was not too impressed. Not to say that the new notebooks aren't good, cause I'm sure they are, but I don't care as much about owning one as I thought I would. All day I thought that I'd watch the keynote and then crave a new macbook pro for the next two months. It would've been especially bad because the macbook pro I have now is only 4 or 5 months old. 

They did make the new notebooks cool. There are some things that I would like, like the thinner size, lighter weight, LED backlight (not for the no warm-up time, but just because it's supposed to look better) and better graphics, but really, I can live without them for now. I don't even care about the black keys like I said in an earlier post. I also don't think I'm a fan of the new trackpad. Sure it's bigger, but having the whole thing a button???? iduno.

The only thing I'm REALLY jealous of is the four finger gesture they had for the new trackpad that brought up expose and app switcher. Maybe they can add those to my macbook in a OS upgrade though? I mean mine already supports gestures, it's just an extra finger.

All and all, I give them kudos for really emphasizing how they concentrated more on being environmentally friendly.  I also enjoyed when they said that Apple sales are doing great, and one of the reasons was because of vista.

The new notebooks look great, and I'd recommend to anyone who doesn't use a mac yet. The new one's look good for someone who needs a new computer, but I'm in no rush to get one.

As Jobs loves to say "one more thing...." 
I had this great idea that I was going to play Cake's "I Want to Love You Madly" after I raved about how much I loved the new macbooks and would kill your mom to get one (yes YOUR mom). Since I didn't do that I'm gonna play another fitting Cake song...


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