Monday, May 16, 2011

I'm Starting A Collection... Of People

A wise person (I have no idea who) once said to surround yourself with people whom you'd like to be more like.

I hope that my current roster of friends don't take any offense by this, but I need to listen to that wise dude's advice.

My current friends are fantastic people and each of them has brought something awesome into my life and made me who I am today. That said, I'm also always looking to constantly improve myself and my life and I need to start surrounding myself with more awesome people that I'd like to learn from and be more like.

So, I'm starting a new on-going series that will appear here on my blog that I'm calling Collecting People. In this series I'll be highlighting people (hopefully mostly through interviews) that I think I could stand to be more like. Each individual I feature will have some characteristic that I think I could use (and hopefully you can too) in my life. Sometimes it will be people who I admire as business people, sometimes it will be interesting thinkers or interesting people, sometimes it will just be people I really admire. Think of it as a mentorship program with many mentors. That's how I'm going to think about it anyways.

I already have a first candidate to "collect" in mind, but I'd love to hear from you (all 3 of my readers ;)) about what are some areas of your life you think you could stand to be better at or more like someone else at? Also, who are some of your personal mentors (whether they know they are or not)?