Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Change in #LowCarDiet Plans

The other day I posted my first blog post about the #LowCarDiet challenge I'm doing through the month of August. I was planning on doing a bunch of subsequent posts here in my blog for the rest of the month as well. However, I'm making a slight change in plans...

Instead of doing a lot of updates about my #LowCarDiet here, I've decided to start a Tumblr blog dedicated to following my progress. I figure that way I can also do a lot of smaller posts, post the odd picture and video and some other things and have it all in one easy to find place.

I'll still do some larger blog posts about the #LowCarDiet here and then cross-link them over to my new Tumblr, but if you want to follow along with all the action please follow 40deuce's #LowCarDiet.

Also, please like and share anything I post there. As well, I think it will help me to win if you like the YouTube videos I post there as well. And don't forget to tweet at me using the hashtag #LowCarDiet.

Anyways, you can find this video on my new Tumblr, but here's the first #LowCarDiet video I made, because I promised I'd share it here as well. (This was also my first time EVER editing a video)

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