Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm Going On A #LowCarDiet

A few weeks ago a buddy of mine pointed me towards a really cool contest being put on by Zipcar called the #LowCarDiet. The contest was looking for people who were willing to walk, ride their bike, use public transit, go to the gym and occasionally use a Zipcar. The point is promote a lifestyle where people don't drive everywhere all the time, and it sounded perfect for me. Luckily, I was one of the people chosen to represent Toronto!

The whole thing is a contest where 12 cities from across North America are competing to see which city can live this lifestyle best. Being someone who live in downtown Toronto I think that this kind of lifestyle is totally fitted for this city and I intend to win.

Over the next month I'm going to taking part in this #LowCarDiet by being more active in how I get around. I'm also going to be making videos of some of the awesome things I do with my Zipcar and other aspects of the contest. I hope you all follow my progress and support me and Team Toronto. We win just by being active; both in life and with the contest.

There are also some really awesome sponsors for the contest that have hooked me up with some cool stuff. First, I got a free membership to Zipcar so that I can use the cars when I need. I also received a bunch of Zip Car gear, a pair of New Balance shoes (which I still have to actually go and get), two tickets to The Second City here in Toronto, $200 in VIA Rail travel, a giant gift box of Pop Chips (which I was kind enough to share with some of my work colleagues even though I like them myself), a nice bag and free membership to LogMeIn, Jabra sports headphones, a whole bunch of Zevia Natural Soda (which I haven't tried yet, but it says it's no calories or sugar, so that's good) and apparently we're getting even more stuff soon. Pretty crazy for something I would have done without any of the stuff.

So please follow along with me. Check out my #LowCarDiet profile. Follow the contest progress. Tweet me about it and use the hashtag #LowCarDiet. Watch out for my blog posts and videos (I'll post them all here for you to see) and leave comments and/or like the videos. Essentially the more I participate and get other people to help me participate in the contest, the more of a chance I have to help Toronto win.

Anyways, I just wanted to tell everyone about this and ask for your help. I just booked my first Zipcar rental so I can run some errands this afternoon I haven't been able to without a car and I'll make a video to share.

Thanks again to Zipcar for choosing me to do this and a thanks in advance to anyone who helps me in my effort to win!

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