Friday, May 8, 2009

I Think I understand the Hipster Trend

So, today I was on a walk around Toronto and as usual, saw a lot of hipsters along my journey. While looking at a semi-cute hipster girl I had an epiphany; I finally understood this hipster trend thing.

A little while ago the hot trend was to look like you just came out of a pop video. Girls dressed like pop princesses and guys looked like they wanted to be in N'Sync. The problem with this was you actually had to be a semi-good looking person to really pull off the look. Girls could buy the clothes, cut and dye their hair the right way, wear a lot of make up, but if you weren't a good looking person anyways it wouldn't help.

Hipster style is different though. It's kind of about looking frumpy and like you're not trying even though you are. I think it's caught on though because it's leveled the playing field. Hot girls can wear the style and still be hot. But, on the flip side the not-as-attractive people can also wear the style and the "I'm not trying to look good" look helps bump them up a bit. Like I see girls who are only semi-cute but the look they have going sometimes helps to bump them up a bit.

However, for the record, I still don't support the hipster movement.

Now, here's some hipster music I can stand:


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