Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2009 = The Summer to Re-Live My Childhood

This weekend the Super Bowl had me on the edge of my seat. Which is unusual, since I'm not really a huge football fan.

For one, the game was awesome. Even as a guy that only watches football when he's with other people that want to watch it, I have to admit it was a really exciting game.

The second reason though, was because someone had shown me something the night before the game. They showed me leaked Super Bowl commercials for two movies I've been waiting for, and I wanted to see them in hi-def, not the digitally looking blurry versions I saw the night before. Unfortunately, they didn't show either of them in Canada. Thank god I saw them already.

Two of my favorite cartoons from my childhood will both be making comebacks as live action movies this summer.

First, since we've seen them before, is Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen:

Second, for the first time ever in live action, G.I. Joe!!

(I hope Sgt. Slaughter makes a guest appearance in that one)

And just to finish off this post, for anyone who cares, this was my favorite Super Bowl ad this year:


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