Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mo' Money Mo'staches

Dearest friends and family and random strangers that read my blog,

I never really ask much of you, especially through my blog, but this month is different. This month I have donated my beautiful face to help raise money for charity. That's right, I've donated the part of my face between my upper lip and my nose to grow a moustache in hopes of raising a little bit of money for prostate cancer research.

The whole idea of moustache fund raising is called Movember and was started in Australia a couple of years ago. It has since spread into a worldwide month long fund raising campaign. For the month of November men try to grow moustaches (no matter how ridiculous it makes me look) in hopes that people donate to show their support (and to hopefully help us feel like we're not looking like this for nothing).

BUT WAIT! Before I ask you donate, there's more.

So you know that I'm not cheating on this and that I actually look as ridiculous as I think I do, I've set up an account on Dailybooth where I will be taking a picture everyday to document my moustache's progression. You can watch it grow by clicking here. Feel free to leave hilarious comments on the pictures so you really feel like you're getting your money's worth.

Now comes the hard part for both you and I. This is where I ask you to please donate and support me and where you part with a couple of bucks. You can donate any amount you want, from $5 to $5,000,000. Any amount can help and is appreciated.

And, if you need another little laugh; a friend was kind enough to point out that my new moustache has made me into a celebrity look-alike:

Thanks again!

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