Monday, April 19, 2010

Social Spring Cleaning

Not to brag, but I have too many friends.

There's just too many people I've acquired over the years in places like facebook that I'm not really friends with, or they have no value to me (no offense if you're one of those people). It's just time to go.

Have you ever logged into facebook and seen a person come down your news feed and just think "who the hell is that person?" or "really, why do I have that person on facebook?" I get that thought a lot, so I decided to do something about it. It's called Social Spring Cleaning.

Here's the concept, every time you get one of those thoughts, remove that person as a friend. Take a look at their profile, and if you don't see a reason for having them, don't have them anymore.

I try to reserve my facebook for real friends. I'll add strangers in other networks no problem, but facebook is where I like to keep just my friends and/or people I used to be friends with. No total strangers though. However, I've added people that I may have met once, say at a party, but have never spoken to again since. They gotta go.

The best part of this concept is that it works for everywhere you've added friends online!! I'm also doing it in my Twitter. Anytime I see a person whom I know I'm not into what they tweet about and we never ever speak, I'm deleting them.

Granted, there are some networks where you're going to want to keep strangers for one reason or another and that's fine. I do the same. I just think that some areas and places could use a bit of tidying up. A little bit of a dusting. A little Social Spring Cleaning.

I suggest you try it too.

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